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Real Pathways to Independence

At the heart of our support, RCP believes that every young person has the potential to achieve their dreams and ambition. It is for this reason that we ensure that Pathway planning for young people should capture their voice whilst signposting and linking them with the right provisions and services within the community. 
Our great working relationship with local communities means that we are well connected and supported by the locals as such, our young people gain the confidence that they need to live in the community whilst taking responsibility with support for them to integrate and find a sense of belonging. 




Real Care Pathways LTD accommodation are modern and offer a homely and welcoming feel where they will have the option to customise their private spaces according to their taste and character.


RCP LTD is an Independent Supported Accommodation providing services to support young people of 16 years and over, to aid in supporting them to deal with issues in their young lives. We work closely with them and local  authorities to make sure they overcome their challenges and achieve their own goals to prepare them for independent living and a better future of living.



About Us



RCP Limited supports young people who are in crisis situations.  We share the same values in line with the “Every Child Matters” agenda ensuring that every young person we support can enjoy and achieve their fullest potential whilst preparing them for a successful Pathway transition to Adulthood and independence. 


Our Pathways


Real Care Pathways aim to offer each young person who is placed with us a safe, stable, caring and nurturing environment that will bring stability to their life. We at RCP limited believe each young person is an individual despite behaviours they may present.



We operate clearly defined expectations that are responsive to each young person’s needs.

We aim to work with young people at a realistic pace which encourages personal growth and to assist Local Authorities to meet their duty of Support to young people aged 16 to 21 and focus on the facilitation of;


  • Residential Support

  • One to one Mentoring

  • Reduction of prolific offending behaviour

  • Behavioural change through Behavioural Management Programme & Therapeutic Interventions

  • Gang related crime, cultural identity 

  • Therapeutic environment


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