Supporting Young People


Our  Young People’s needs come first. All our Young People should feel and be treated as a valued member of the community, that is why we aim to ensure that every young person is set up on the right pathway when living with us. So over time, we help with various aspects of living by themselves to help them obtain an independent life when they leave our care.


Once one of our young persons move out from our accommodation, we will maintain support in helping them get settled in their own place, so they do not get overwhelmed with the changes from care to individual living.

While in placement with us, young people can expect to receive support with various aspects of life including, Food and Hygiene, Household Bills Management, Health and Emotional Wellbeing and more.


Pathway Plan


A Pathway Plan or a Leaving Care Plan will be drawn up in partnership with the young person and the placing authority. The plan will assist the young person to transition from full-time support and begin to live an independent life. 

The plan will be carefully structured to ensure that when leaving Real Care Pathways you feel supported. RCP can offer a floating support package to you, where the Key Worker will monitor you in the initial stages of independent living by phone or visits and feedback regularly to the placing authority. You will be encouraged to keep in contact with RCP for a planned period of time after leaving our care. 

Detailed planning will take place in the time leading up to leaving care to ensure the appropriate and agreed plans are in place, so that the young person’s needs are fully met. There will be full consultation with after care services to ensure smooth transition.

Education / Employment Support 


Real Care Pathways will ensure the Personal Education Plans includes the contact details of the Virtual School Head (VSH) for the authority that looks after the child. We believe education is a vital part of a young person’s development and it is essential that young people in our care are exposed to the same educational opportunities as all other children. 


RCP take our responsibilities as corporate parents very seriously and are determined to help our young people do as well as they can academically and encourage them to strive to;


  • Achieve 

  • Enjoy educational opportunities 

  • Explore all educational possibilities

  • Have a capacity to learn

  • Have a right to a broad, balanced education. 


Our primary aim is to ensure that wherever possible a young person who is accessing education prior to arriving at RCP living there is minimal disruption to this and where their existing education cannot continue due to locality there is a speedy smooth transition to a suitable education establishment.


Promoting Independence


It is our aim to provide a person-centred, practical approach to empowering our young people to make appropriate choices and decisions.


We believe our young people should be firmly part of any decision making and are invited to participate in weekly meetings with either their key worker or home manager where minutes will be recorded. The manager will ensure that all feedback is valued and acted upon accordingly. This provides a platform to raise concerns, make suggestions and be part of the consultative process which promotes respectfulness and boundaries.

Real Care Pathways will consult regularly with our young people regarding their care, to ensure their individual needs are met.


Our young people are also encouraged to take an active role in caring for their living environment and are encouraged to decorate their personal spaces to reflect their individual taste. 

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